How to Take Part

We’ve made it as easy as possible to take part in The BANANAGRAMS Challenge – here’s what it involves:

1. Register your School

After registering your school, simply nominate a member of staff to be your BANANAGRAMS Challenge Representative. In January 2018, we’ll send your Representative a BANANAGRAMS Challenge Participation kit! The kit includes, 2 BANANAGRAMS games, a Wall Poster, a Top Banana Medal and Teacher Guide. The first 1,500 schools to register receive a FREE Participation Kit.

2. Play In-school Tournaments

The Representative draws up a list of participating pupils and plans the games using the Participation Kit’s wall poster. Pupils play these rounds, at the school’s convenience, in groups of four.

The winners of each group then play each other, two players at a time, in straightforward elimination rounds. This continues until your school has one outright winner – your ‘Top Banana’ !

3. Enter To Win £1,000 and other prizes for your school!

Submission will include:

A short paragraph (no more than 100 words) describing what the BANANAGRAMS Challenge has meant to your school and pupils.

Photographs, including one of the winner. (These photos may be posted on Bananagrams social media pages, so please ensure you have written approval from parents.)

We will select the top 3 stories and post them on Facebook so that the public can vote for their favorite! The story that gets the most Facebook votes will be awarded a £1,000 prize for their school!

There will also be additional prizes for (please submit photographic documentation):
1. The longest valid word played in a grid, 2. The school with the most pupil participation and 3. The classroom that goes the most bananas with décor

4. Follow along on Facebook as the Winners are Revealed!

April 1st–7th: Daily sharing of all submissions

April 8th–14th: Awards announced for the longest valid word played in a grid, the school with the most student participation and the classroom that goes the most bananas with décor

April 15th–21st: Team Bananagrams will select their favorite three stories and post them on Facebook. Facebook users will vote for their favorite story out of the three posted.

April 22nd–26th: Voting closes and the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced!