How to take part

We’ve made it as easy as possible to take part in The BANANAGRAMS Challenge – here’s what it involves:

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ’s.  If that doesn’t answer your question, please email us at

Set up

After registering your school, simply nominate a member of staff to be your BANANAGRAMS Challenge Representative. In January 2017, we’ll send your Representative a BANANAGRAMS Challenge Welcome Pack!

In-school play

The Representative draws up a list of participating pupils and plans the games using the Welcome Pack’s ready-made templates. Pupils then start to play, in groups of four, at the school’s convenience.  It is up to you when your pupils: at an after-school club, breakfast club, during lesson time or at lunch… Basically, whenever suits over the course of the six-weeks!

The winners of each group then play each other, two players at a time, in straightforward elimination rounds. This continues until your school has one outright winner – your ‘Best of the Bunch’!

Register your Best of the Bunch

Once you have registered the name of your school’s Best of the Bunch (via this website) and created a unique username and password for them, your Best of the Bunch pupil will then be able to compete in the Online Elimination Rounds (see KEY DATES).

During this part of the Challenge, all the Best of the Bunch pupils from schools across the land battle it out in a series of fun, online word games. These can be played at home or at school. The top 12 players on the leaderboard, as it appears at 5pm on the last day of the online Elimination Round, qualify for a place in the National BANANAGRAMS Challenge Grand Final in London.

The Grand Final!

Held at an exclusive venue in London (please see KEY DATES for when this will be held) the BANANAGRAMS Challenge Grand Final sees all 12 finalists playing BANANAGRAMS in the last series of elimination rounds… Parents, teachers and siblings are invited along to support the finalists as they race to build their word grids and determine who is the UK’s Top Banana!

Every finalist leaves the event with an exclusive BANANAGRAMS Challenge Goodie Bag to take home. The Top Banana also wins the Top Banana Trophy and £1000 for their school!

Click on the link below to see our short film of the 2016 Grand Final …

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